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Dr. Peter Millett's CAM Procedure Proven Effective to Delay Shoulder Replacement for Active Patients with Shoulder Osteoarthritis

Dr. Millett's Innovative CAM Procedure for the Treatment of Shoulder OsteoarthritisThe Comprehensive Arthroscopic Management (CAM) procedure, developed by Colorado shoulder specialist Dr. Peter Millett, was recently featured in PRWEB. The CAM procedure is a viable surgical option to delay shoulder replacement for young, active patients suffering from shoulder osteoarthritis (OA). Dr. Millett, Director of Shoulder Surgery at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, conducted a research study on the effectiveness of the CAM procedure.

Shoulder osteoarthritis is a common cause of shoulder pain in people of all ages. Dr. Millett's study used 29 active patients who were diagnosed with advanced shoulder osteoarthritis and were otherwise candidates for shoulder replacement. Dr. Millett treated each patient with the CAM procedure. Through survey evaluation and frequent follow-up, the study found that this joint-preserving arthroscopic treatment technique reduced pain, improved function, and delayed the need for shoulder replacement. For young, active patients, this shoulder treatment method is a highly recommended option.

The full article is available here


Dr. Peter Millett Recognized as a Shoulder Specialist Patients' Choice Doctor

altPeter Millett, M.D. has been recognized as a 2013 Patients’ Choice physician. This award is given to physicians based on patients’ appreciation and praise for the quality of care and service they provide. There are over 870,000 active physicians in the U.S. and only 5 percent are recognized and honored with this award.

Every month, more than 200,000 patients across the U.S. provide online feedback about their doctor experiences. The various components assessed by patients are: bedside manner, doctor-patient face time, follow-up care, ease of appointment setting and courtesy of office staff. Dr. Millett, a shoulder specialist at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, and his team have received outstanding reviews from his patients in every category and continue to provide quality care to every patient that walks through the door.  


Orthopedics This Week Recognizes Dr. Peter Millett as One of the Top 28 Shoulder Surgeons in North America

orthopedics-logoDr. Peter Millett has been recognized by Orthopedics This Week as one of the Top 28 Shoulder Surgeons in North America. Dr. Millett, an orthopedic shoulder surgeon and sports medicine specialist at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, has made this prestigious list for two years in a row. The list was compiled through information obtained by telephone surveys from thought leaders in the field of sports medicine. Dr. Millett is a true innovator in the realm of arthroscopy and is constantly researching new innovative treatments for injuries related to the shoulder and knee. 

 The full list by Orthopedics This Week is avaliable below. 


Dr. Peter Millett Featured in The American Journal of Sports Medicine for Arthrex SpeedBridge Technique for Rotator Cuff Tears

Dr. Millett

Peter Millett, M.D., was featured on the cover of The American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM) for his help in the development of the Arthrex SpeedBridge technique. AJSM is the leading journal for innovative treatment techniques in the field of orthopeadic surgery. The SpeedBridge technique is a surgical treatment used for rotator cuff tears which is efficient, secure and enhances the footprint compression to maximize contact between tendon and bone.

Dr. Millett gave an update on the SpeedBridge technique at the 2013 Arthex Faculty Forum. His speech used biomechanical cadaveric data, in vivo animal data, and clinical data to outline the rationale of the SpeedBridge technique.


Dr. Millett Selected for The NHL/NHLPA Second Medical Opinion List for Hockey Sports Injuries

NHL LogoNHLPA LogoPeter Millett, M.D., has been selected by the NHL/NHLPA Joint Health and Safety Committee to serve as the Second Medical Opinion Physician on the NHL/NHLPA Second Medical Opinion List (the “List”). The List is an established provision that allows players the opportunity to seek a second opinion on a diagnosis prescribed by their Team Physician. Dr. Millett will serve as a member of the List for the 2013 NHL/NHLPA season.

"It is a great honor to serve the NHL and NHLPA in this capacity," said Dr. Millett. This elite selection is based off of Dr. Millett’s specialization, expertise, and location. Dr. Millett specializes in disorders of the shoulder, knee, and elbow as well as the treatment of all sports injuries. U.S. News and World Reports has ranked Dr. Millett among the top 1% of orthopedic surgeons. He has also been awarded the distinctions of "Top Doctors" and "Best Doctors in America.” Working at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, Dr. Millet continues to develop innovative, minimally invasive treatments for a variety of sports injuries.

"It is my pleasure to be associated with the top professional league in the sport of hockey and to care for such a dedicated group of athletes," said Dr. Millett. Dr. Millett and his team look forward to the upcoming NHL/NHLPA season. If you would like more information on the NHLPA, you can visit their website: NHLPA.


Dr. Peter Millett Discusses Effective Surgical Skill with Orthopedics This Week


Orthopedics This Week published an article: CMS Wants More Tender Loving Care? + Simulation or Hands-On Bioskills? + Checklists Cut Death Rates 47% Marketing 101 for Surgeons. The article focuses on four main sectors of the medical industry – patient care, surgical skill, surgical organization, and accessible education. Each element analyzes how to improve overall patient satisfaction.

Peter Millett, M.D., Director of Shoulder Surgery at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, was selected to discuss the topic of surgical skill. Practice makes perfect, and without hands-on experience surgeons cannot produce an optimal outcome. The Steadman Clinic offers a fellowship-training program that allows trainees to get hands on practice in the bioskills lab. “It’s like a flight simulator for pilots. You create potentially real surgical scenarios where it’s acceptable for the trainee to be less than perfect so they can practice, improve, and learn from their mistakes,” said Dr. Millett. Along with being able to practice surgical technique and skill, the trainees at The Steadman Clinic are also advised by experts in their field, like Dr. Millett.

With a growing focus on patient satisfaction, the industry is beginning to recognize that hands-on, surgical experience is essential to producing better outcomes for patients. Today, several major manufactures offer fellowship-training programs that focus on lab experience.

The greatest obstacle that surgical skill currently faces is an exact measurement of performance. Quantifying surgical skill on a satisfactory level is difficult to objectify. “The credentialing bodies are trying to make headway in defining these things, but we still have a long way to go,” said Dr. Millett. Producing a quantifiable measurement will increase the level of surgical skill, and ultimately increase the level of patient satisfaction.


Dr. Millett's Informational Course on the Shoulder and Sports Medicine

Photo with Allen Holowecky from Naples, Florida. Allen is senior engineer with Arthrex.
Photo with Allen Holowecky from Naples, Florida. Allen is a senior engineer with Arthrex and is working with Dr. Millett to design new shoulder implants for various shoulder problems.

Peter Millett, M.D., conducted an informational course on the shoulder and sports medicine in Vail, Colorado. Attracting eliete physicians in the field of orthopeidcs, the course focused on shoulder conditions and newly developed treatment options. The course was sponsored by Arthrex, the leading manufacturer for surgical implants and repair techniques in the field of sports medicine.

Dr. Millett’s lectures focused on shoulder instability, rotator cuff repair, and AC joint separations. Minimally invasive procedures for these common maladies were discussed between visiting faculty and participating surgeons. Through these discussions, innovative treatment options continue to develop and adapt in the field of sports medicine.


Larry Trotter's One Year Recovery After Cape Buffalo Attack

fishing  stringer of fish
One year ago Dr. Millett repaired Barbi's ACL, MCL, and meniscus along with Larry's proximal humerus fracture after his buffalo attack. Today, Larry and Barbi are fishing together and spending time with her family in Vail.

It has been over a year since the 2,000-pound Cape buffalo attacked and nearly killed Larry Trotter II. It has taken multiple miracles to allow Trotter to hug each of his children and grandchildren today. Last summer, in search of an adventure, Trotter decided to go on a 25-day archery hunting African safari. At the last second, Trotter was persuaded by his professional hunting guides to include Cape buffalo to his list of game. Little did he know, that within 25 minutes of his first excursion he would be face-to-face with an angry Cape buffalo.

Standing in the open terrain, the Cape buffalo spotted Trotter and began to charge. Trotter, a former college athlete and world record holder in rowing - standing at 6-foot-4 inches, 220 pounds - was no match against the 2,000-pound rouge animal. At that moment, he heard an angel’s voice speak to him. The voice told him, “Get rid of your bow and arrow, turn around and run as fast as you can.” Trotter could not outrun the animal, but the momentum he gained and padding he had in his backpack ameliorated the initial impact from the buffalo.

A water buffalo hunts its prey by tearing it into pieces with its horns and then stomping on it to insure death. The initial blow launched Trotter 15 feet into the air. The second charge caught him from behind - hooking his left arm and flipping him into the air - breaking multiple bones and convincing Trotter he was dead.

Returning from his out-of-body experience, Trotter heard a second angel’s voice as the buffalo charged him a third time. The voice told him to put his boots on the beast’s horns and push away. That second command saved Trotter’s life.

The four professional hunters shot the buffalo nine times before the animal collapsed just inches in front of Trotter – his near death experience was finally over. One of the hunters told Trotter that during the last attack it looked as if angels were surrounding him, and pushing the animal away for him.

Trotter, a Vail, Colorado native, was rushed to Dr. Millett at the Steadman Clinic were he was treated for a proximal humerus fracture. Today, Trotter focuses on faith and family and knows how fortunate he is to survive an attack by one of the world’s deadliest animals. “Without the excellent surgical reconstruction and care provided by The Steadman Clinic, Vail Valley Medical Center and Howard Head Physical Therapy, I would not be rowing, water skiing and snow skiing again,” Trotter said.

To read more on Larry Trotter's story please view The Vaily Daily News


Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Grand Rounds Presented at Columbia University

columbia university logoIn June, Dr. Millett gave the Grand Rounds of Columbia University for the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. During his lecture, which was entitled: Current Concepts and Controversies in Rotator Cuff Repair: What is the State of the Art in 2013?, Dr. Millett explored some of the basic anatomical and biomechanical laboratory work, which serve as the basis for today's modern arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. Rotator cuff tears affect millions of people worldwide. Surgical repair for a torn rotator cuff is one of the most common orthopaedic procedures performed annually in the United States. Dr. Millett continued by sharing innovative techniques for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. These techniques have achieved superlative outcomes for Dr. Millett’s patients. "We not only alleviate pain, but also, restore function back to normal and hasten recovery by aggressive rehab programs and optimizing biologic healing," said Millett during the lecture.

It was a particular honor for Dr. Millett to present at Columbia University, due to their long history of excellence in shoulder surgery. For many years, Columbia was considered the worldwide epicenter for shoulder surgery. Dr. Charles S. Neer, a surgical giant and the father of modern shoulder surgery, practiced and taught at Columbia. "It was a distinct honor for me to share our work with the faculty and students at Columbia University given their rich history and contributions to the field," said Dr. Millett.

Dr. Millett’s Grand Rounds lecture on arthroscopic rotator cuff repair was well received by the audience. Dr. Bill Levine, Vice Chairman of Education in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Columbia University said, "Dr. Millett was selected as a visiting grand rounds speaker by our residents and did not disappoint! He was terrific in both the social and professional arenas helping to educate our residents, fellows, and attendings. It was a pleasure to host him at Columbia.”


Young Snowboarder With Elbow Injury Treated With Complex Elbow Fracture Surgery

Shoulder Surgeon Dr Peter J Millett and Cristy SadaCristy Sada of Mexico – Remains Brave Through Elbow Fracture Surgery Following Painful Snowboard Injury

Cristy Sada, a spirited 9-year old from Monterrey, Mexico, learned first-hand just how painful an elbow fracture can be. This past March while snowboarding with her family in Vail, Colorado, she experienced an elbow injury of her distal humerus.

It was over the Easter holiday, when Cristy’s family headed to Vail for some family fun, skiing and snowboarding. Cristy, who is a fan of both activities, spent the first half of her trip skiing. During the second part of her trip, she was on her snowboard when she fell and injured her elbow. The ski patrol took her to Vail Valley Hospital where the family learned she had a complex fracture of the distal humerus that went into the elbow joint.

“We were in the emergency room dealing with Cristy’s elbow injury and determining our next steps. It was then when I remembered that a friend of ours had undergone surgery with Dr. Peter Millett, and she had spoken so highly of him. When we found that Cristy needed surgery for her elbow fracture, we asked for Dr. Millett. He promptly evaluated her and told us he would perform the surgery. We were thankful that he was going to be able to help our daughter,” said Federico, Cristy’s father.

Dr. Millett performed the arthroscopic elbow surgery to correct the fracture that Cristy suffered. According to Dr. Millett, “This was a very bad injury and it is typically very painful. Yet, Cristy was very brave and calm. Everything went very well with her surgery and both Cristy and her parents have been such a pleasure to work with.”

After surgery, Cristy’s family stayed in Vail for a few days to work with Dr. Millett’s team while she recovered. Once Dr. Millett gave them the green light to return to Mexico, she left with a new cast, signed by Dr. Millett himself. Just several weeks out of surgery, Cristy is feeling great and is back at school and learning to write with her left hand.

According to Federico, “Cristy’s recovery since her elbow injury has been amazing, and Dr. Millett and his entire staff have been outstanding. We are going back to Vail in 6 weeks for a check-up. I’m positive that Dr. Millett will be equally as pleasant and bring us some good news regarding how her elbow fracture has healed.” A full recovery is expected and according to Dr. Millett, “I am sure Cristy will be back in action in no time!”


For more information regarding elbow fractures and to learn more about elbow injury treatments, please contact the office of Vail, Colorado shoulder surgeon, Dr. Peter J. Millett.


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