Dr. Millett is above of all, devoted to each and every one of his patients.

Athletes from all over the world come to Dr. Millett to treat their sports injuries and with each patient his goal remains the same; from professional, Olympic, and extreme sport athletes, to high school football players and baseball pitchers, to retired golfers, and soccer moms, Dr. Millett’s purpose is to keep active people active.  Whether you are an Olympic marathon runner or simply someone who likes to jog around the neighborhood after work, Dr. Millett’s number one goal is to help you heal so that your sports injury becomes a thing of the past.Dr. Millett truly believes that his patients are what make his orthopedic practice unique, successful, and rewarding. Helping patients get back to the activities they love makes it all worthwhile for him and his team. Upon your very first visit with him, you will realize that this doctor-patient relationship is one that is very different from others.  Dr. Millett will make every effort possible to get to know you—as a person and a patient—and will work with you to develop the absolute best treatment plan to cure your sports injury and make you active and pain-free again.This passion for excellence and this dedication to his patients are what keep athletes and every day folks alike coming back to Dr. Millett time and time again.

We invite you to come meet some of our patients and read how Dr. Millett turned their lives around—from injury to recovery to victory—Dr. Millett’s passion is to bring you back—full circle.