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Reparación De Flotantes Posteriores Lesiones Inferiores Ligamento Glenohumeral: Técnica Quirúrgica

Posterior glenohumeral joint instability makes up approximately 2% to 10% of all shoulder instability reports in the literature and pathologic findings in patients, which often involve a spectrum of pathology rather than a single pathoanatomic finding. A combined posterior Bankart lesion and posterior humeral avulsion of the glenohumeral ligament has been defined as the floating posterior inferior glenohumeral ligament. This combination of pathology may result in severe posterior-inferior instability and the need to address both lesions during attempted surgical repair has therefore been stressed. In this study, “Repair of Floating Posterior Inferior Glenohumeral Ligament Lesions: Surgical Technique”, suggested techniques for repairing the various subtypes of floating posterior inferior glenohumeral ligament lesions is discussed. Repair of both the humeral and glenoid-sided injuries are addressed. […]

Combinado Lesión Posterior de Bankart Ósea y la Avulsión Humeral Posterior de los Ligamentos Glenohumerales

This article: “Combined Posterior Osseous Bankart Lesion and Posterior Humeral Avulsion of the Glenohumeral Ligaments”, highlights a case study of “floating” posterior inferior glenohumeral ligament lesions.  The pathoanatomy of anterior shoulder dislocations has been well documented. Until recently, little was discussed regarding posterior shoulder instability. This report offers a study on a 23-year old male who fell while snowboarding.  Three years prior to the report, the young male dislocated his left shoulder, was able to relocate the shoulder on the mountain, and was managed non-operatively.  The instability worsened over the years with occasional subluxation.  A thorough examination was conducted, pathology discussed, and the diagnostic and treatment recommendations are highlighted in this article.Download a copy of “Combined Posterior Osseous Bankart Lesion and Posterior Humeral Avulsion of the Glenohumeral Ligaments” below. {attachments} […]

Enfermedad del Manguito Rotador: Conceptos Básicos de Diagnóstico y Tratamiento

SUMMARY: Rotator cuff disease is common among athletes and the athletic population. Rotator cuff disease is a particularly prevalent cause of shoulder pain and weakness often presented to the medical community. An understanding of the anatomy of the rotator cuff tendons and the underlying pathogenesis aids in the diagnosis.  Accurate diagnosis of rotator cuff disease is offered via physical examination, x-rays, and an MRI (imaging). This article: “Rotator Cuff Disease-Basics of Diagnosis and Treatment”, offers insight into rotator cuff disease and highlights specific diagnostics and treatment patterns. {attachments} […]