clinic-registation-2015-imageWe are happy to assist our patients with any information that may be needed. Many of our patients come form out town or out of the country so we offer a wide array of concierge type resources for those who need assistance.

Our goal is to help the patients’ experience to be organized and seamless. Not only do we strive to provide world class orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine care, we also strive to do so in a very individualized way with the highest level of personalized care.

Prior to arriving for your first orthopedic evaluation and appointment with Dr. Millett, please bring with you the Initial Evaluation Form as provided on this website. In addition, we request that you fill out the Clinic Registration Information Form for the Steadman Clinic. The insurance providers we accept are listed on this site.

Dr. Millett has prepared instructions and pre-op surgical information that we recommend our patients to read before their surgeries take place. Please refer to the educational videos and rehab manuals on this site to learn more about the surgical procedures, rehab and recovery processes offered by Dr. Millett.