Dr. Millett is passionate about his patients and continues to champion their successes long after surgery and rehabilitation are complete.  He takes sincere pride in learning about each patient’s individual story. Whether these athletes make their livings from excelling in their sports or simply do sports for enjoyment and fitness, Dr. Millett serves as a trusted advisor to keep them performing at the level they desire.

As with all of his patients, Dr. Millett has been there every step along the way for these active people’s journeys towards successful recoveries. From the moment they walked into his examination room with their injuries—he put them at ease. When discussing surgical options—he considered their careers and lifestyles to help them select the treatment that would best fit them.  During rehab—he inspired and motivated them to stay on course. And long after they were strong again, with rehab a thing of the past, he is still there to advise and cheer them on in their endeavors.

Each of these patients is remarkable and awe-inspiring in his or her own way.  They are patients that an orthopedic surgeon is privileged to meet during his or her career.  Little League dads, fit moms, aspiring Olympians, celebrities, star athletes, business leaders, playful children — to Dr. Millett, each is a real person with a unique story, regardless of who they are, what they do and where they came from.  The notes that Dr. Millett receives daily from so many of his patients is a testimonial to the strong relationships he forms with his patients who stay a part of each other’s lives long after their time together ends.

Caring for and supporting these courageous patients in staying active at their individual levels of performance for life is Dr. Millett’s singular mission. Please meet some of these amazing patients and enjoy their journeys from injury to recovery to victory!