Dr. Peter Millett helps Cole Caufield return to professional hockey after shoulder stabilization surgery.

Cole Caufield, a seasoned hockey veteran at 22-yrs old had scored 26 goals and 36 points in 46 games in the final year of his contract before he made the decision to prepare for his future and to have his shoulder instability corrected. Previously, Cole had suffered two hard falls which contributed to his shoulder problems including a dislocation and further instability. He finally decided it was time to seek treatment. Before going under the knife, Cole went through a gamut of surgeons obtaining second and even third opinions.

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Cole did not want surgery, he wanted to keep playing hockey. Dr. Millett discussed the risks associated with continued play and waht would be best for him in the long run.

Dr. Millett explained: “The general risk for any player with such an injury is that he takes a hit, that it causes additional damage to his body and that it is detrimental to his career in the long term.” He continued, “Having treated several athletes, I can tell you that, in general, they do not want to leave the entourage of their team. In most cases, they want to support their teammates and do their job. Sometimes it’s up to us doctors to tell them it’s not in their best interest to keep going, because they’re doing themselves more harm than good by playing injured.”

Dr. Millett explained the type of surgery performed:

“It’s like removing the front of a golf tee. The ball falls more easily. Over time, we have learned that in such cases, the bone must be restored to restore stability. When there is dislocation, it means that the ball comes out of the socket and, if this happens violently or repetitively, the socket bone can be partially eroded.”

Without explaining the details of Cole’s specific surgery, Dr. Millett reports that the surgical intervention was executed flawlessly., without concern.

If everything goes according to plan with his Cole’s recovery, he should be fully prepared for next hockey season.

Dr. Millett said he spoke with Cole recently, and the young American shows a lot of optimism: “He is looking forward to returning to the game and he is excited for next season,” said Dr. Millett, “He doesn’t feel any pain and his rehabilitation is going well. He works hard. He will be a threat in the future, that’s for sure!”

For now, Cole would like to be on the ice, but it’s important for him to complete his rehab and physical therapy which will make him stronger and hopefully, better than ever.

Cole Caufield’s story was recently posted on TVA Sports Canada

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