The Steadman Clinic was founded in 1990 and notably, is one of the leading institutes for the research, diagnosis and treatment of sports medicine and orthopedic injuries and disorders.Specializing in all areas of orthopedic injuries, trauma, surgery, and rehabilitation, the Steadman Clinic strives to offer unprecedented care of the highest standard to each and every patient. Whether you are an injured professional athlete or just want to be able to walk again without pain, the Steadman Clinic physicians are among some of the most notorious and skilled orthopedic specialists in the world and will do their best to help you achieve your goal.

Some of the Steadman Clinic specializations include:

The Steadman Clinic offers cutting-edge, progressive orthopedic techniques in order to achieve optimal results for each patient. The clinic’s physicians work hand-in-hand with the patient, the physical therapist, and our exceptionally trained staff of nurses and technicians so that—as a team—the overall goal of full recovery is achieved.

Equipped with the most advanced technology, instruments, and surgical tools, the operating and recovery rooms at the Steadman Clinic offer each patient a comfortable, worry-free place to receive surgical, post-operative, and rehabilitation services. The physicians at The Steadman Clinic believe that physical rehabilitation is an integral part of a successful recovery, whether it is used as the primary treatment for a disorder or it is used to enhance a surgical procedure. Each physician works very closely with a talented team of physical therapists so that optimal healing is achieved in the shortest amount of time.

Dr. Peter Millett shares the vision of The Steadman Clinic with the ultimate goal of keeping people active, mobile, and healthy through orthopaedic surgery, research, and education. Dr. Millett’s contributions through his surgical skills, research, articles, and patient success stories are recognized around the world.