John Huard

Chief Scientific Officer of Steadman Philippon Research Institute

Tricep Tendon Injury

“Injury on January 13, almost full tear of tricep tendon. January 14, surgical repair by Dr. Millett. January 15, no sling needed and I gave a keynote lecture. January 16, no pain medication. January 17, small walk in vail. January 18, travel to Houston. January 19, 5 mile run with no pain!

Thank you Dr. Millett. This is within the SPRI and Steadman clinic mission, keeping people active.”

Maya Burrell

My days of Professional Swimming and Pro-Beach Volleyball are long behind me now. I just turned 52 years old a couple of weeks ago. But when you are a lifelong athlete, you have a natural intensity, focus and basic personality type that is applied to all life activities and pursuits.

I put my shoulder surgeries off for 20 years and managed to function well enough in my various activities; or so I thought. Before I came to Dr. Millett, I was limited in the sports I could do, the clothes I could wear, the movements that I felt comfortable in performing. Basically, I had a great deal of daily fear knowing that at any moment, if I wasn’t hyper-vigilant, either of my shoulders could dislocate.

Dr. Millett has changed my life. Psychologically and emotionally, I am calmer. I have less fear in general and this gives me more joy and pleasure in life. I can adventure travel and engage with life activities without worrying and doing advance planning for if my shoulders happened to dislocate in a remote part of the world. Since my surgeries, I have traveled to Africa, Myanmar and scuba dived in Thailand.

Physically, I am healthier and in even better shape than before the surgeries. I play tennis intensely. It is my new sport and I enjoy the learning progression. Even though I am not competing professionally as I did in my other sports, I do play tournaments a couple times a year. Thanks to my stable shoulders, I have worked my way up the ladder so that most of my female opponents now are college level players. One of my latest weapons that is developing well is a wicked overhand serve. I definitely need a strong serve to continue competing and developing at this level.

I feel my life has a wonderful balance now that was missing before. To sum everything up, I feel free. Thank you so much, Dr. Millett, for your exceptional skills and commitment to healing. I am honored and appreciative beyond words to be one of your patients. Thank you for how you change people’s lives for the better.

Ryan Dyer

US Ski Team Member – Freestyle Moguls 2015

North American Grand Prix Champion

Shoulder Surgery

“Dr. Millett and the entire staff at The Steadman Clinic took extra time and care to not only understand my injury history but also my unique sport and what it demands from my body. This attention to detail led to a wonderful experience and a speedy recovery. It’s great knowing that I have such a knowledgeable and skilled team behind me willing to provide outstanding treatment and advice. I’m so thankful for the shoulder repair and I look forward to continuing my successful career.” (Photo Credit: The Mogul Skiing Academy)


Kurt Konrath

CAM Procedure

“I am just about a year out from surgery and couldn’t be happier with the results.  Every doctor I saw in Chicago told me I needed a new shoulder.  You were the only one that told me you could help me despite advanced arthritis without the need for replacement.  I am thankful I found you and the Steadman Clinic.  Frankly the procedure was life changing and I am back to racing my sports car competitively again.  It was rough for the first 6 months, but I was diligent about therapy and progressive exercise and am now back in the gym doing light to moderate resistance training and am at a reasonable strength level considering age.  My left (CAM) shoulder feels better than my right these days.  I am hopeful that with more careful age appropriate activity levels that I will be able to avoid joint replacement in the future.”

Joseph Urban

Rotator Cuff Repair

“I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for amazing care that was recently provided to me.

I had a failed rotator cuff repair at another institution out of state following a mountain biking injury in 2013.  I had attempted to rehab the injury for more than a year without success.  I did extensive research seeking the best orthopedic care I could find which led me to the Steadman Clinic and to Dr Millett in particular.

The entire process was smooth sailing. The evaluation by Dr Millett and his team was extensive and thorough.  The care i received from Vail Valley Surgical Center before during and after my surgery including an overnight stay was second to none.

 The extensive integration between all the departments involved in my care was seamless.  My physical therapist actually observed my surgery and then Dr. Millet’s surgical team meet me at physical therapy for my first treatment session.  Howard Head PT is a shining star as well.   The physical therapists spend the entire visit with you and provide amazing care and education.” (please note, photo is of Joseph pre-injury)

Annie Coleman

Shoulder Surgery

“Just coming up on my 2 year anniversary of my shoulder surgery with you in Vail. I just wanted to thank you for helping me get back into the things that I love to do – Fly fishing, surfing etc… Hope you are well & enjoying the summer!”

Dave Pratt

USTA Tennis Champion (55 and Older) – Right Shoulder Replacement

“Thank you for my New Right Shoulder which is better than what the Lord started me off with. Since “giving up” tennis before the replacement, I have thoroughly enjoyed unrestrictive tennis since the replacement, playing year round in USTA League and Tournaments in Arizona and Colorado.”

Scott Betts

Conductor High Desert Opera – Shoulder Surgery

“I filled out my survey regarding my recovery from my right shoulder surgery two years ago, but it just didn’t seem to say enough about the success of your work.  I am able to do things I never imagined possible. I have made a short video showing some of that success. I would love for you to see it, so below is a link to it. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for making my shoulder work again.”

Rona Altschuler

Marathon Runner & TransAmerica Biker – Knee Surgery

“I became a runner in 1970 and a Marathon Runner in 1979. After dozens of marathons I was left with a staph infection from a minor knee surgery and post infection I found Dr. Millett. He cleaned out my knee and I worked my heart out to run again. I can run some, but my long distance days are gone. August 2013 I met a stranger on an airline flight who had just completed a cross country bike ride. I was inspired and told him that was something I had wanted to do many years ago before starting my marathon days. He said DO IT… I got home and found a group to go with. I wasn’t a bike rider and didn’t even own a bike before my trip, but the power of inspiration enabled me to do what I didn’t even know I could do. I was on a waiting list for 2 months and Oct. 2013 they found a spot for me. I prayed my knee would make it and it did 3100 miles from San Diego California to St. Augustine Florida. I turned 60 years old on my ride, I raised over $21,000 for Alzheimer’s in honor of my mom’s passing from Alzheimer’s the day before my birthday in 2011. That is what inspired my bike across America ride.”

Matt Simi

Senior Vice President Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Golfer, diver and former soccer goal keeper – Total Shoulder Replacement

San Francisco, California

“Thanks for giving me my ‘normal’ life back.”

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