I had been told by over six surgeons In my state that they could not fix my shoulder, that I needed to seek out Dr. Millett. After months of shoulder instability and pain I had to take a step back from my passion which is being a flight nurse. I could no longer trust my shoulder to do what I needed in order to save lives. Taking a step away while not being able to find someone to fix me left me feeling defeated and hopeless. Fast forward to meeting Dr. Millett, Brian (PA), and Olivia…. I Instantly felt relief, they made me feel seen and that returning to my passion was their priority. Not only would my shoulder be fixed but I would go on to live a full life. I just had my surgery last week and I completely broke down while getting on the operating table. All of my emotions hit me at once and it was almost too much but when I woke up I had a new shoulder and with that a promise of tomorrow. The day I returned home to my home state I found out that a medical helicopter went down killing all three people on board, this is devastating every-time it happens but this time it was my home state, people I worked in passing with for years. For most people this would scare them away from ever going back but for me it is driving me to get better, get out there, and help my fellow Oklahoma flight teams. Thank you to Dr. Millett and his whole team for giving me the hope to fight for tomorrows flight for life!!!!