Osteoarthritis is the most frequent cause of disability in the United States. It manifests itself as a gradual and progressive degeneration of the shoulder joint. This diseases is very debilitating and is classically characterized by pain, weakness, restricted motion and cartilage loss.

The surgical technique of the CAM-procedure is explained in this short video.

Dr. Millett is the pioneer of the CAM procedure (Comprehensive Arthroscopic Management). This advanced surgery is available to treat osteoarthritis of the shoulder and offers a very precise combination of surgical procedures that is aimed at treating all of the major pain generators in the shoulder region. It has clinically been shown to decrease pain and improve function and can be performed in young, active patients with arthritis who wish to preserve their shoulder joints, or in older patients who wish to avoid joint replacement surgery.

Treatment of shoulder osteoarthritis should be based on the patient’s age, severity of symptoms, level of activity, radiographic findings and other medical conditions present. The most common surgical treatment for shoulder osteoarthritis is a total joint arthroplasty (replacement of the joint with a prosthesis).  For more information on this particular video, please refer to the video titled:

Total Shoulder Arthroplasty for Shoulder Arthritis.

For more information on treatment options associated with osteoarthritis of the shoulder or in joint preservation techniques for pre-arthritic patients, please contact Dr. Peter Millett, orthopedic specialist and sports medicine surgeon at his office in Vail, Colorado.

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