In Healio Orthopedics Today, Dr. Millett gives an expert opinion on navigating options for massive rotator cuff tears.


Defined as a tear greater than 5 cm in the anterior-posterior dimension or a complete tear of two or more rotator cuff tendons, a massive rotator cuff tear can be caused by traumatic injuries or degeneration of the tendons.

From Dr. Millett:

Sources who spoke with Healio/Orthopedics Today noted that injury onset and patient activity level, social support, goals and expectations can also help guide treatment decisions and options. “The treatment choice depends a lot on the age of the patient, the onset and what their goals are,” Peter J. Millett, MD, MSc, of The Steadman Clinic, told Healio/Orthopedics Today. “If it is an atraumatic onset and the patient is lower demand, then I think nonsurgical treatment would be reasonable.”

You can find the article here: Surgeons navigate options for massive rotator cuff tears