Featured in “Scope This Out, A Technical Pearls Newsletter for Orthopedists,FiberTape® Cerclage has multiple applications in Orthopaedic Medicine.

FiberTape® Cerclage is a 100% nonmetallic substitute for metal wires and cables commonly used in orthopedics as a primary means of fracture stabilization or as an adjunct to other fixation devices. Composed of UHMWPE and polyester weave, surgeons are using FiberTape cerclage in various trauma and joint arthroplasty  fracture management applications, such as periprosthetic humerus and femur fractures, as well as fractures of the fibula, patella, olecranon, and clavicle. Surgeons  are also using FiberTape cerclage prophylactically during total joint procedures. A 2-part, biomechanical study conducted by Denard et al, recently  published in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, compared FiberTape cerclage to stainless steel wire cerclage for stabilization of the humerus during shoulder arthroplasty.

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