Injuries to the sternoclavicular (SC) joint are uncommon, and typically occur from high intensity impact. The SC joint is located between the proximal end of the clavicle and the clavicular notch of the sternum. Injuries to the SC joint can be treated non-operatively. However, surgical treatment may be indicated for locked posterior dislocations; symptomatic, chronic instability; or persistent, painful osteoarthritis that fails non-operative therapy.

Through the PubMed database this study analyzed all anatomic and biomechanical studies, review articles, case reports, case series, and technique papers that were relevant to the topic of SC joint. Research found that there was not adequate concept reviews of the diagnosis and management of SC joint instability and degenerative arthritis. This article provides an updated review on the current diagnosis and management of instability and degenerative arthritis of the SC joint.

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