Rotator cuff injuries are commonly diagnosed orthopaedic conditions. The purpose of this study, “Long-Term Survivorship and Outcomes After Surgical Repair of Full-Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears”, was to determine survivorship of primary open cuff repairs, with survivorship defined as a shoulder not requiring additional surgery. The study is fully discussed in this document.

The conclusion at the end states that overall survivorship was 94% at 5 years after open rotator cuff surgery and 83% at 10 years. Among those patients who survived at 6.3 years, there was a mean 32-point increase in the ASES score and a rating for patient satisfaction with surgical outcomes of 8 of 10. As a consequence, most failures occurred in the first 2 years and if the cuff repairs survived the initial years, they were highly likely to survive over the 10-year period.

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