Dr. Millett Continues to Provide Emergency Services but has Suspended Non-Essential Care 

The safety and well being of our patients is paramount.

At this time, we have suspended all non-essential and non-urgent care and treatments in order to safeguard our patients and staff and to support the community response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Patients with an urgent problem requiring immediate attention may call 970-479-5871 to determine if an appointment with Dr. Millett is appropriate. 

Non-essential care is defined as that which is not time-sensitive for medical reasons. If you are unsure, please call first and we can do our best to make a determination.

This situation-specific policy upholds our commitment to do everything possible to safeguard our patients our staff, and our local communities.  We will lift this suspension as soon as deemed responsible.

In the meantime, please follow CDC guidelines: (1) use careful hygiene, (2) maintain social distancing, (3) and stay home and away from others as much as possible. Please also stay away from hospitals, doctors offices and dentists offices to decrease the burden on our healthcare system at this difficult time and to protect yourselves.

We are all interconnected and remember that people who are infected but do not show symptoms CAN and DO infect others some of whom may be at high risk. 

Thank you your understanding. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. 


Dr Millett and team

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