Dear Dr Millett,

I can’t express how happy I am to tell you all the symptoms I had prior to my right sternoclavicular joint resection, are all nearly completely gone. Even my TOS symptoms which I developed in April!

I could even tell a difference in the recovery room, this was of course before all the swelling and pain set in from surgery but I could finally swallow without feeling like something was in my throat.

I was completely off all pain meds by the 6th day post-surgery and have noticed steady improvement with each week.

I still am sore at times but it’s manageable and becoming less frequent.

My physical therapist Adam Hart, is also great in helping me regain my strength and full range of motion. He also faxed some PT notes to your office to give you a better idea what my measurements are.

Currently, I’m dealing with a lot of painful muscle spasms in my neck, shoulder, and scapula but know this is normal considering I was mobilized for so long. Physical therapy and deep tissue massage are helping relieve these spasms for me.

Overall I’m very pleased and grateful to you for doing such a fantastic repair. After having so many surgeons refuse my case I was beginning to loose hope but you have given me great hope again for the future.