Former College Baseball Pitcher “As a former college athlete and weekend warrior I started experiencing pain and tightness under my right scapula region in late 2012. I saw two orthopedic surgeons close to home in California who didn’t know what was going on and sent me to physical therapy. After almost a full year of physical therapy and hopelessness I did some research and came across Dr. Millett and his experience in treating injuries and symptoms around the scapula region. I had exhausted all resources close to home and knew if I wanted to get down to the bottom of what was truly going on I needed to seek a consult from Dr. Millett. I booked an appointment in early 2014 and flew out to see Dr. Millett to get my life back. I saw him first thing in the morning and within minutes he knew what was going on and ordered an MRI, which I received that same day, to confirm his diagnosis. Sure enough he diagnosed me with snapping scapula syndrome as a result of a chronically inflamed bursa between my scapula and rib cage. Luckily he knew how to treat this and had a track record of successful surgeries. Before I left Colorado I booked surgery for the following week and came back to see him. Surgery went phenomenal and I can’t tell you how terrific the pre and post operative personnel were at the hospital and PT clinic. I stayed in Vail for a few days to do PT with Dr. Millett’s staff and to monitor the operative site. After that I flew home to rehab with a therapist close to home and within 3-4 months I was back doing the things I enjoy. Dr. Millett gave me a second chance at a healthy, active lifestyle and I couldn’t be more indebted to him. He is world class and I tell anyone near or far if you want to be treated by the best, don’t hesitate to travel to see the best even if you are an out of state patient like me. Thank you Dr. Millett.”