The shoulder offers the largest range of motion of any joint in the human body. If your shoulder stops functioning normally, it can prevent you from participating in overhead sports or work and, when more severe, can affect even normal activities such as combing your hair, putting on your shirt, turning on a light switch, or sleeping. There are a number of different medical conditions that can affect the shoulder and cause debilitating pain, loss of function, or both. Dr. Millett and our team have world-class experience in diagnosing and treating all of the conditions and disorders that can affect the shoulder. We implement the latest techniques in diagnosis, including careful physical examinations and high-field strength MRI scans, to help insure we make the correct diagnosis. For some types of shoulder problems, simple treatment options such as rest or physical therapy may be all that are needed to cure them. For other types of shoulder problems, more complex shoulder surgeries may be required. When surgery is recommended, you can depend on Dr. Millett and our team to offer the best surgical approach, performed with the highest levels of skill and with the least invasive methods that are currently available.