I have a Snapping Scapula. What are my Options?

Dear Dr. Millett,

I have been having pain in my arm. This pain eventually radiates to my hand where I then have tingling in my thumb to my middle finger. My doctor is telling me that it is Snapping Scapula. What is this and what are my options?



I am sorry to hear of your shoulder troubles. Many times there are options for a snapping scapula which eliminates the popping and alleviates the pain. A snapping scapula (shoulder blade) is the title we give to a condition of the shoulder that can cause a range of symptoms most often associated with a painful clicking, grinding or snapping of the shoulder blade area.

There are many causes to this condition and many times it is misdiagnosed. There are arthroscopic (minimally invasive) techniques to treat this. I have done extensive research on the topic of snapping scapula syndrome, have developed some of these techniques, and have treated one of the largest series of patients in the world.

For many patients, I am able to correct this condition using an arthroscopic surgery (see attached video) to remove the inflamed bursa and any offending bone from the scapula. We have now performed many of these surgeries and have ongoing research on the cause, treatment and outcomes for patients with snapping scapula.

Dr. Millett

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