“There is something I really want to say, and you’re welcome to pass this along to anyone at your practice would be interested in hearing it.  You may or may not know this, but I had an eerily similar surgery to my right shoulder in 2008 as I did with this surgery.  It was damn near identical.  The difference in my level of general discomfort, need for pain management, ability to function, rate of progress, and overall recovery after the first two weeks post op is nothing short of astonishing.  This surgery recovery has gone so much better I cant believe the difference.  It is truly remarkable.  As long as I don’t do something stupid, I’m starting to believe that recovering in 4 months is a very realistic possibility.  Shoulder surgeries for people at the fire department has become sadly and frighteningly commonplace.  We have about 150 people on our fire department, and in the last year 8 of us have been out with shoulder surgeries.  Crazy, right???  Anyway, my point is that the recovery time for shoulder surgery before being able to return to regular duty typically has been about 8 months across the board.  Not good.

I am extremely grateful that I made the decision to seek out your practice for this surgery.  I couldn’t be happier with how things have been going.  My heart felt thanks to Dr Millet and all of the staff at the Steadman Clinic for the chance that you have given me to return to “normal” sooner rather than later.  No easy task for someone my age and in my chosen profession.  I am genuinely very impressed.”