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Distal Biceps Tendon Repair

Individuals who suffer a distal biceps tendon tear (at the elbow) may wish to consider surgery as their primary treatment method.  Dr. Millett recommends surgery for active individuals who need to maintain normal arm strength. [...]

Elbow Epicondylitis Repair

For patients who are diagnosed with epicondylitis, surgery is sometimes the only option.  Especially if symptoms do not respond to other treatments within a 6-12 month period of time. Dr. Millett will perform either arthroscopic [...]

Tommy John Surgery

For athletes and individuals who experience trauma or injury to the elbow by way of torn or ruptured ligaments, surgery is sometimes the only alternative to repair the damage. One procedure that Dr. Millett performs [...]

Arthroscopic Elbow Surgery

Arthroscopic elbow surgery is the most common procedure performed to treat elbow injuries and degenerative conditions. Using the arthroscopic surgery technique, Dr. Millett is able to operate on the elbow joint using 2-3 tiny incisions [...]