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Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery for Advanced Shoulder Arthritis

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint and has the greatest range of motion out of any other joint in the body. Shoulder arthritis developes when the cartilage in the joint begins to […]

Nerve Releases (Shoulder)

Certain degrees of osteoarthritis of the shoulder can cause bony deformations called osteofytes. There is growing evidence, supported by Dr. Millett’s own surgical experience and clinical research that these bony deformations can cause severe […]

Injuries in Overhead Motions in Athletes

Sports that involve overhead motions such as tennis and baseball place significant stress on the shoulder joint. When injuries do occur they usually do so in specific patters that are not common with other […]

Reverse Total Shoulder

A relatively new technique is a reverse shoulder replacement which was designed for individuals who are not candidates for a total shoulder replacement because of two underlying conditions—rotator cuff injuries and advanced arthritis and osteoarthritis. This revolutionary type […]

Anatomic Total Shoulder Replacement for Shoulder Osteoarthritis

Anatomic total shoulder replacement surgery is a joint replacement procedure most commonly performed on patients suffering from extreme arthritic conditions. Anatomic total shoulder replacement surgery replaces the damaged bone and cartilage with a plastic […]

Pectoralis Major Rupture / Tear

Pectoralis major rupture / tear: A rupture or tear in the pectoralis major muscle. The pectoralis muscle is situated on the front side of the chest and runs from the chest to the head […]

Axillary Nerve Injury

Axillary nerve injury: The axillary nerve is an important shoulder nerve as it innervates several shoulder muscles. These muscles include the deltoid muscle, the teres minor rotator cuff muscle and part of the triceps […]

Adhesive Capsulitis

Adhesive capsulitis: A shoulder condition also known as a frozen shoulder in which the capsule of the shoulder, surrounding the shoulder joint, becomes inflamed and stiff. This results in pain and greatly restricted range […]

Stiff Shoulder

Stiff shoulder: A shoulder which is restricted in the range of motion.

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Calcifying Tendonitis of the Shoulder

Calcifying tendonitis of the shoulder: A deposition or lump of calcium in one of the shoulder tendons resulting in small tears of the tendon and an inflammatory reaction.

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