Annie Coleman

Shoulder Surgery

“Just coming up on my 2 year anniversary of my shoulder surgery with you in Vail. I just wanted to thank you for helping me get back into the things that I love to do – Fly fishing, surfing etc… Hope you are well & enjoying the summer!”

Dave Pratt

USTA Tennis Champion (55 and Older) – Right Shoulder Replacement

“Thank you for my New Right Shoulder which is better than what the Lord started me off with. Since “giving up” tennis before the replacement, I have thoroughly enjoyed unrestrictive tennis since the replacement, playing year round in USTA League and Tournaments in Arizona and Colorado.”

Scott Betts

Conductor High Desert Opera – Shoulder Surgery

“I filled out my survey regarding my recovery from my right shoulder surgery two years ago, but it just didn’t seem to say enough about the success of your work.  I am able to do things I never imagined possible. I have made a short video showing some of that success. I would love for you to see it, so below is a link to it. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for making my shoulder work again.”

Rona Altschuler

Marathon Runner & TransAmerica Biker – Knee Surgery

“I became a runner in 1970 and a Marathon Runner in 1979. After dozens of marathons I was left with a staph infection from a minor knee surgery and post infection I found Dr. Millett. He cleaned out my knee and I worked my heart out to run again. I can run some, but my long distance days are gone. August 2013 I met a stranger on an airline flight who had just completed a cross country bike ride. I was inspired and told him that was something I had wanted to do many years ago before starting my marathon days. He said DO IT… I got home and found a group to go with. I wasn’t a bike rider and didn’t even own a bike before my trip, but the power of inspiration enabled me to do what I didn’t even know I could do. I was on a waiting list for 2 months and Oct. 2013 they found a spot for me. I prayed my knee would make it and it did 3100 miles from San Diego California to St. Augustine Florida. I turned 60 years old on my ride, I raised over $21,000 for Alzheimer’s in honor of my mom’s passing from Alzheimer’s the day before my birthday in 2011. That is what inspired my bike across America ride.”

Matt Simi

Senior Vice President Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Golfer, diver and former soccer goal keeper – Total Shoulder Replacement

San Francisco, California

“Thanks for giving me my ‘normal’ life back.”

Jim and Rhip

Jim (left), Cedar Crest, NM – Total Shoulder Replacement

Rhip (right), Silverthorne, CO – Double Total Shoulder Replacement

“Hello from Jim and Rhip! Thanks to Dr. Millett and team for the exemplary and extraordinary care you provide.”

Gretl Galgon

Mother of Edel Galgon, Soccer Player

“Words don’t do justice to the care and skill you provided Edel over the last 8 days…so, I will just continue to Yodel my thanks to anyone who will listen.

Thank-you, from the bottom of my ice buckets for holding all of our hands through a fun journey. Never know what greatness comes from a tad of adversity.”

Mark Jones

013Golfer, Former Collegiate Football Player

“For years I suffered from subscapular bursitis that we think was caused by repetitive movement, college football and postural compensatory issues that resulted due to these reasons. I had tried injections, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic adjustments and consumed several ibuprofen daily to temporarily relieve the pain. At age 45, after suffering for over 20 years, I made the realization that my quality of life was declining due to the pain and discomfort. My shoulder blade audibly popped and felt like it was on fire. The pain I encountered after golfing was severe and I had to almost quit weightlifting, even rapidly walking in a treadmill was causing pain due to the swinging of my arms. I found driving or sitting in a car or plane for long distances almost debilitating. In search of answers I visited two surgeons who both told me that this was a rather uncommon ailment and uncommon surgery and that made me even more anxious. Luckily for me I discovered that Dr. Millett had published a study on arthroscopic subscapular bursectomy successes and on a whim I filled out the e contact form on his website. I was surprised to receive a quick, but personal, reply from Dr. Millett and a follow up note from his office manager Sue. In a short time I had scheduled an appointment to be examined and shortly after that had a subscapular busectomy and partial scapulectomy. That was over a year ago and I can say that I am 90% + better than prior to the surgery. I still do stretching and strengthening exercises almost daily and have very few days with any pain now. While the recovery was longer than I had hoped for I would recommend this procedure to anyone with a similar issue and I should note that Dr. Millett’s staff was reachable by email anytime that I had questions or concerns. The surgery has truly changed my life for the better. Dr. Millett and his team have to be some of the most sincere and caring people in the entire medical world. The personal experience and reassuring attitudes that I experienced were amazing and very comforting. The nurses and anesthesiologists at Vail Health were great and the staff at the Four Seasons Vail was very accommodating post surgery. I would be happy to answer questions about my experience to anyone that might be interested.”

Aimee Heeter

Mother of Katie Heeter, Diver at Indiana University

“Thank you so much for taking care of Katie.  The Indiana University team competes tomorrow and Katie looking forward to a return.  When it comes to therapy she will be on task as she loves lists and never takes short cuts–even when she can.

Thanks again!!”

Nancy Newell

Mother of Grace Newell, Diver

Denver, CO

Update: “I just wanted to give you an update on how Grace is doing after 9 months post op. Things are going great for her! Thanks to your insight and confidence on the timing of her surgery (not to mention your surgical talent!) Grace has been invited on 5 recruiting trips for diving from Division I schools (the NCAA allows each athlete 5 trips). She left for Chicago this morning and is meeting the dive team, coach and academic advisors at Northwestern! She was also invited to DU, TCU, Northeastern, and Cal Poly. All this would not have been possible without your willingness to take her desire to dive at the collegiate level seriously and insight on the timing to make all this possible. Thank you so much for all you did for her! Yes, I’m a proud mama!”

“As a parent, one of the most difficult things is to see your child injured and not being able to see them do what they love.  My daughter’s passion is springboard diving and  she needed shoulder surgery for an unstable shoulder in order to remain in the sport.  It was a difficult decision to make, but once we met Dr. Millet and due to his professionalism, confidence, and stellar reputation, we knew we were making the right decision.   She is now 4 months out of surgery and doing great, back on the boards, and looking forward to diving in college down the road.  I know she would not be in the position she is in today is it were not for the surgery, back on the boards and competing again this summer!  She is so happy, and needless to say, having a happy child, makes a happy parent!   Thank you so much Dr. Millet.”