Serge Payer

“I had my shoulder surgery done by Dr. Peter Millett at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado. I couldn’t be any happier with the professionalism, results of surgery, and rehabilitation program that I was given by Dr. Millett and his team!  Dr. Peter Millett, thank you so much for helping me to get back on the ice healthier then ever. You are truly the BEST at what you do!”

Professional Hockey Player
NHL: Minnesota Wild,  Ottawa Senators

Jon J.P. Warner, MD

“The highest compliment which can be paid to a surgeon is to call him a surgeon’s surgeon. This is how I would describe Dr. Millett. His surgical skills are elegantly blended with an affable, compassionate manner, and he is self-critical to the degree that he is always trying to improve his craft. His fellow surgeons recognize this and therefore are pleased to seek him out as their provider. Dr. Millett is without peer in the Rocky Mountain Region and is recognized on a National and International Level for his care of patients with shoulder problems. I would be happy to send him any member of my family either for management of a routine or a complex problem of the shoulder.”

Boston, MA
Chief, The Harvard Shoulder Service
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital

Shelly Thigpen

“Dr. Millett put me back in the game!  I was told by other surgeons that I would never play competitive tennis again and should think about giving up the sport completely.  Thanks to Dr. Millett, I currently have a National Doubles ranking of #7 and plan to go even higher!”

San Francisco, California

Jerry R. Giuliano

“For many years, pain in my shoulders altered my range of motion to the point that routine activities became chores. Sleeping through the night without pain was an ‘impossible dream.’  Despite all the pain associated with shoulder movement, I continued to play catch with our grandchildren and to ski and play golf. All of those activities resulted in, at least, three days of more than usual pain. Having exhausted all reasonable therapies including arthroscopic surgery, I sought counsel for total shoulder replacement.

My local orthopedic surgeon recommended Dr. Millett. There are no words to adequately describe my gratitude and the good fortune brought about by that recommendation.

I need to say, total shoulder replacement surgery is no magic bullet. To be successful, it requires the brilliance, skill and dedication of a great surgeon and his ENTIRE capable staff. Dr. Millett performed the first of my two total shoulder replacements in March of 2004. He did the second one in October. From the beginning, I listened carefully to everything Dr. Millett had to say. He ordered and reviewed all the ‘pre-op’ tests, discussed surgery information, outlined my detailed pain management protocol, explained the up and downsides of the procedure, and he answered all my questions with patience and understanding.

At this writing I am 10 weeks past my second shoulder replacement. My physical therapist tells me in two weeks or so, when I reach 100% full range of motion, I will be finished with formal therapy and head back to the gym where I will do further shoulder and overall strengthening exercises. Whatever pain I have left in my shoulders is a very small fraction of my pain before shoulder replacement surgery.  If you are contemplating shoulder replacement surgery, I hope you can proceed with the same confidence in Dr. Millett as I had.”

Pierre Boivin

“It is with great pleasure that I can attest to the outstanding care I received from Dr. Peter J. Millett and the Steadman Clinic. The preparation, the operation, the rehabilitation and the follow-up have all been at the highest level of medical care one can hope for. Everything you guys do in Vail is world class and cutting edge. One feels extremely at ease with the whole environment. After the surgery by Dr. Millett, my knee is now back to 100%, and I have resumed running with no pain whatsoever. I truly believe that your group is the best in the world particularly when it comes to treating elite athletes.”

Montreal Canadiens Professional Hockey Team.
Montréal, Canada

Amber Sutherland

“I came to Dr. Millett at the Steadman Clinic in Vail because my first shoulder surgery, done elsewhere, failed. I had my shoulder re-fixed arthroscopically by Dr. Millett. My entire experience with Dr Millett, his staff, and the rehabilitation program at Howard Head was nothing short of exceptional. They provided professional services and friendly staff members. I am now looking forward to getting back on the volleyball court for my last season in college thanks to Dr. Millett and his team!”

Women’s Volleyball Team
University of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado

Neil Winward

“Having been diagnosed with a torn meniscus and recommended to have a meniscectomy (meniscus tear repair surgery), I was very concerned about the prospects for arthritis in later life and sought a second opinion at the Steadman Clinic. I was impressed with the amount of time spent on diagnosis, including a thorough investigation of my current level of physical activity and my aspiration for physical activity in the future. The conclusion was that a repair seemed feasible if I was committed to a long process of rehabilitation. Dr Millett was able to repair the meniscus and I am, after 6 months, back to a high level of performance in all the sports I previously pursued (the winter has not yet started, so fingers crossed!).”

Partner, Blue Sky Capital
New York and London

Frank Arcella

“I was reluctant to have rotator cuff surgery because my previous surgery resulted in a long painful recovery. Almost immediately following Dr. Millett’s surgery I had excellent range of motion and little pain. It has been only several months since surgery and I’m hiking in the Italian Alps. My shoulder is doing great. I am having no trouble hiking 6+ hours a day with 15 or 20 lb backpack. Dr. Millett did a great job!”

Las Vegas, Nevada

Michael Routh

“I am very pleased with the recovery my shoulder has made since Dr. Millett repaired my shoulder separation and shoulder instability. I was a bit nervous about having surgery, but I could feel that my shoulder was not going to recover unless I had the ligaments repaired. Dr. Millett and his team took their time going over everything I could expect during and after the surgery. They were patient and thorough. At this point, I’m right on track for a full recovery and am looking forward to another ski season completely confident that I will be able to perform as well as ever.”
Vail Ski School Instructor and Trainer
Vail Demonstration Team (Aspen World Champion 2005)
PSIA Examiner and Trainer

George Rolfs

“Three years ago, I was having a hard time doing what I love because of my knee pain. It got worse and worse and I decided to visit Dr. Peter Millett at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Vail. After discussing the options with Dr. Millett and my dad, I decided to have surgery to fix my knee. Two days later, I had the surgery and that same day was able to leave the hospital! I followed up with rehab at the Howard Head Center and was off crutches in no time at all. Later that fall, I was back in Austria training for the winter ski season and was able to resume ski racing. I am now pain free and back to competitive form! I am very grateful to have had such a fast recovery from a problem that can be career threatening. Thank you, Dr. Millett, for everything!”