Peter J.MillettM.D., M.Sc., Joseph J. Ruzbarsky, M.D., Philip-C. Nolte, M.D., M.A., Justin W. Arner, M.D., Bryant P. Elrick, M.Sc., and Anna-K.Tross, M.D.


Treatment of severe acromioclavicular joint injuries remains controversial and has evolved over the past 4-plus decades. Although several variations on reconstruction exist, an ideal technique will likely use a combination of coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction with suture backup stabilization, minimal drill holes to reduce the risk of fracture, arthroscopic-assisted guidance for anatomic graft and suture placement in and around the coracoid, and fluoroscopic-aided reduction to ensure an anatomic acromioclavicular joint. The objective of this Technical Note is to describe an arthroscopic-assisted coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction with allograft using fluoroscopically guided and cerclage-controlled anatomic reduction of the acromioclavicular joint.

For the complete study: Arthroscopic Acromioclavicular Joint Treatment With Coracoclavicular Fixation and Allograft Coracoclavicular Ligament Reconstruction for Acute Acromioclavicular Dislocations